Hi, we are Kris & Megan

Hiring a videographer and photographer for your wedding day is not an easy thing to decide on, and we understand that. As a husband and wife team, we are here to do our best to make the photography and videography portions of your wedding day as seamless as possible. We put our everything into our weddings to ensure every couple has a quality final product. We are here for YOU, the couple, to capture your memories, and your day!

The products we deliver are not just photos and videos, they are moments in time that we hope you can relive for the rest of your lives. When you look at your photos and video, we hope you feel the joy and love you felt on your wedding day.

We've done this for 6+ years now, together. Megan is the planner, the schedule maker. the stick to the itinerary so that you can enjoy your day to the fullest, and the "aww you guys are so cute together". Kris is the creative, the crack a joke to get the candid laugh, and the "do what it takes to get the shot". We've about seen it all at this point and we know how to adapt to our environment and step in (or out) when needed. We are there to keep your wedding day fun and to get every image and clip that you need while making sure you spend as much time with your family and friends on your special day, as possible.

Wedding Cinematography

The number 1 regret for most couples is that they did not get a video of their wedding day! We know that it can be a large investment but let's talk about your options to capture your wedding day in a way that you can relive your wedding day forever.